All products carry a 12 month manufactures warranty.



Arcotherm oil fired heaters : 3 Year Parts Warranty

On all Air Comfort Direct oil fired heaters purchased from 01/10/2014 (on selected spare parts).

When it comes to oil fired space heaters our range offers great performance, reliability and safety features, and now they also come with a 3 year limited parts warranty!

Buy with confidence knowing that 5 main components are covered by our extended warranty for 3 years from the date of purchase. The extended warranty covers the following components: Control Box, HT Transformer, Motor, Fuel Pump and Fuel Solenoid.

The extended warranty does not cover non-electrical or non-mechanical parts (Metalwork, Fuel Tanks, Wheels, Hoses, etc) or parts which require replacement as part of standard maintenance (Fuel Filters, Nozzle, Electrodes, Seals, etc).

Your heater must be serviced annually by an approved Arcotherm dealer to entitle you to the parts warranty.

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