Broughton FF42 42 kW Industrial Fan Heater


  • 42 kW Industrial Fan Heater.


  • When large quantities of portable heat are required the FF42 Super Giant is without pier. The FF42 ductable industrial heater can deliver 42 kW of heat down over 30m of ducting with a huge air movement cabaility of 4500m3/hr. The FF42 now comes with a number of safety features including full phase protection and innovative heat purge system. The advanced multistage control system means the FF42 can be adapted to suit any industrial application. Designed to withstand the toughest of environments and heavy industries the FF42 is manufactured from a formed steel construction with oven hardened finish for maximum durability. 500mm ducting spigot and fixed thermostat as standard.


  • 400 Volt 3 Phase 63 Amp


  • 5 Metre 16mm 4 core cable.


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  • Heating Capacity = 42 kW
  • Duct Outlet 500 mm
  • Weight = 113 kg
  • H x W x D = 990 x 700 x 1297 mm
  • Airflow = 4500 m³ / hr



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