Arcotherm Jumbo 235M Indirect Oil Fired – HEATER ONLY


  • If you purchase this item, you will receive the HEATER ONLY.


  • 218 kW Jumbo Indirect Oil Fired Heater (230v).


  • The Jumbo 235 Indirect Oil Fired Heater can be thermostatically controlled.


  • With the option of adding a 2 – Way or 4 – Way Splitter, the Jumbo can be ducted up to 100m.


  • The Jumbo does not have an integral fuel tank, and requires connection to a remote fuel source.


  • The unit has a fan only option to introduce ambient air when required.


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  • Heating Capacity = 218Kw(751,000 BTUs / Hr)
  • Weight = 357kg
  • H x W x D = 2245mm x 982mm x 1584mm
  • Hose Length = up to 100m
  • Hose Diameter = 700mm
  • Tank Capacity = Not applicable
  • Consumption Rate = 18.65 l/Hr
  • Airflow = 17,000 m³/h


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We can offer a full bespoke installation service via our sister company Air Comfort Ltd
for further details call 01432 842399 for a free quotation.

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